To secure rightfully compensation for the wartime military prisoners and persons who can be treated in a sense of international regulations as the victims or inheritors of victims of Fascism from the World War II, regardless have they suffered damage because of loss of life, body’ injury, freedom, property or some other right.


  • President of Union
  • Union’s Assembly
  • Governing Board
  • Supervisory Board
  • General Secretary
  • President of Union – Snezana Dragosavljevic
  • Acting General Secretary of Union – Dragan Novovic

Representatives of Union back in 1999 and 2000 actively participated in the work of highest bodies of authority of Federal Republic of Germany and Austria, during adoption of Law about establishing of Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility, Future, and Law about reconciliation, and on 19th June 2001 they signed a Covenant about cooperation with IOM on the realization of those laws.

After two-year campaign, Republic of Hungary brought Law about renewed opening of time-limits for the compensation of persons illegally deprived of their lives and freedom because of political reasons, from side of the Hungarian occupational army or Hungarian bodies during World War II. Union signed with Central department of justice of Hungary in July 2007 Covenant about cooperation on the realization of Law, and submitted for repayment 9007 dossiers. Repayment started at the end of 2007 and will last till the second half of 2010.